Conduct Banks’ Customers-Referencing

Conduct banks’ customers-referencing & authentication; carry out bank charges reconciliation and recovery of overcharges; and provide asset-tracking & management services.

Debt Recovery and Collection

Carry out the business of debt recovery & collection; financial consultancy (including facilitation of incorporation and licensing of financial institutions such as Micro-Finance Banks, Bureau de-Change) debt factoring & securitization; debt administration; and debt auditing & investigation services.

Facilitate Debt-Repayment Negotiation

Facilitate debt-repayment negotiation; debt rescheduling, general financial research & analysis; collection and articulation of financial data; and compilation & publication of financial information.

Intermediate in Debt Collection on behalf of Organizations

Intermediate in debt collection on behalf of organizations, corporate & sole; and undertake financial investments, international debt collection & collaboration services.

Undertake Document Management Services

Undertake document management services; capacity building & training services; and develop professional courses.