Carry on Debt Recovery and Collection

Carry on the business of debt recovery and collection, financial consultancy, debt factoring and securitization, debt administration, debt auditing and investigation services.

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File Folder Labeled as Assets in Multicolor Archive. Closeup View. Blurred Image. 3D Render.

Create Digital Asset Register & Tag

Establish a dependable digital Asset Register and tag Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment with tamper-proof labels; tag Auto-Vehicles, Plant and Machinery with paint and heat resistant labels; and conduct movable/immovable assets-tracing, tracking and management. It means your assets nation-wide can be monitored from your office.

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Conduct Bank Account Reconciliation

Conduct customer accounts reference/verification, reconciliation of bank charges, and recovery of excess interest and other over-charges.

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Facilitate Financial Research & Analysis

Facilitate debt repayment negotiation, and debt rescheduling, general financial research and analysis, collection and articulation of financial data, compilation and publication of financial information.

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Intermediate in Debt Collection

Intermediate in debt collection on behalf of organizations (corporate and sole); and provide financial investments, international debt collection and collaboration services.

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Facilitate Incorporation and Licensing of Financial Institutions

We facilitate incorporation and licensing of financial institutions e.g.Commercial, Merchant and Microfinance banks, Bureau de-Change, etc.

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